Olga Levancuka, Author and Life Coach


e.book: “How to be Selfish.” (edited version) + FREE sampler download

Following a successful scientific and business careers, Olga switched her attention to psychology. Given her vast experience of working with teams and a constant need to direct them in order to achieve set results, she noticed that while some people succeeded, the others were simply happy be. There were also those who tried but failed. Her account of former experiences as well as working as a Life Coach brought her to certain conclusions that she shares in her self improvement books. Her first Self Help work-book “Increase Your Confidence in One Day” successfully sold over 20000 copies within a year. The success of this small book and the letters she received from her readers have encouraged Olga Levancuka to continue writing Self Help Books. Shortly, ‘How to be Selfish’ and ‘The draft: The Ill Society’ were born.

 ’How to be Selfish’ book established an international fame, given the sensitivity of the subject the book got the media attention and the appreciation from the readers worldwide.