Handbags and Glad Rags

Handbags and Glad Rags

So you’re on an important date or you’re just having a night out with the girls, maybe it is what you are going to wear to the office, the choices are endless and the only limitation is what you have in your wardrobe, the question is though, do you dress for others or do you dress for yourself?

When it comes to a night out, the classic wear is the little black number, accentuating the figure hiding any imperfections and oozing with sexiness. Do you feel comfortable in this? Does it give you the confidence to show your femininity and your prowess as a female or are you conforming to a stereotypical upbringing?

Even in the office, us girls tend to “dress to impress” whether it be a designer sexy suit or a sleek shirt and skirt, but really would it be so bad for us to turn up in a onesie or sporting dungarees and a yellow T-shirt reminiscent of the TV show Rainbow. Even though we have equal rights as women do we still enslave ourselves in the way we dress?

Let us take a real good look at exactly how we are bound by the rules of “regulations of society”. If you were to turn up to work in joggers and a T-shirt stained with pizza that you ate last night, are you more likely or less to be able to fulfil the needs of your job? I think you will find the answer is “NO”. But then turning up looking like you have come straight from an all-night Xbox 360 party, the boss is likely to question your commitment to your work and to the company.

What we must remember, is [...]

A letter to my female client: or How to be Selfish in your relationship

A letter to my female client: or How to be Selfish in your relationship

Dear Client,

I know you’ve been through a lot of challenges in your past relationships. I understand your last boyfriend treated you with respect and kindness but you then discovered that he had cheated on you!

I understand that the guy before last had spent 4 years of your lives together only to discover that you weren’t “Right for him”

You’ve told me your current boyfriend isn’t looking to get married and this is where your goals differ as you are seeking to settle down and tie the knot.

Your beliefs are that every time that you meet a man, is that you are going to change him for the better, however in practice this has never happened. It is not down to the fact that “you can never change the spots of a leopard” after all men are not leopards and you can change them. And it is also not that you’re wrong about how great they are when you first meet them, because they are! But it is you that needs to see for yourself of what is going on.

In order to help you, I checked the background on all three of the men you have had relationships with including the current one. Fortunately two of them came to me as the clients. The man you are currently dating unfortunately would not be able to become one of my clients. He refuses to grow up and I only work and success coach with the adults.

The first man you dated for four years. He is a nice Irish guy who moved to London and then met you. He told me he liked you, he [...]

Dipping one’s toe into the blogging world.

“this is a guest blog!” O x
Olga has been gently pushing me to writing blogs for 18 months or so, as she said it is good practice to write.  I have always been reluctant, I can’t imagine anyone being remotely interested, plus the blogging world fills me with dread, so many are mean and filled with their own self importance.

To practice what Olga teaches I must challenge myself, so here is my first attempt…..

What to write?  Well, this is Olga webpage and I have attended a number of Olga’s workshops.  Therefore, I think I am in a fairly good position to talk about them.

I started attending Olga’s workshop on Mediation and Manifestation about 10 weeks ago.  Olga is a challenging and sometimes intimidating individual.  However, as a facilitator/ counsellor/ instructor in this ground-breaking area of work, she is remarkable.

I won’t go into the details of where I was when I started the course but I was running on empty.  I am thrilled how my life has evolved in such a short time, it started with the little things… always finding a parking space for example.  This didn’t happen immediately I had to set an intention of what I wanted to happen the next day. Now all I need do is think about my intentions before I leave home and hey presto it happens.  Sometimes I have forgotten to do this crucial step and as sure as eggs are eggs I have a more difficult day etc.

How I think has changed an awful lot.  Olga has given me many mental tools to use, I won’t go into all of them but one of the habits I practice daily, is to look up every [...]

Photo anyone?

How to Boost Your Confidence Before a Photo Shoot
by Sarah Sloboda.

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I was tickled when Olga asked me to write a guest blog post for her because I’ve worked through her book “Increase Your Confidence…”, and I love her philosophy.
She raised a very interesting point in our conversation about the significance of confidence when being photographed – she mentioned how difficult it is to look good in photos if you don’t feel radiant or if you feel unloved.
This is profoundly true.  Sure, you can have someone turn up the lights or do some heavy photo-shopping to hide your flaws.  But no amount of photographic trickery will create a natural expression, a genuine glow, or that inner radiance that sparkles from the eyes of a confident person.  All of those things come from you.  The camera simply records them – it can’t manufacture them.  This is perhaps why being in front of the camera can be so daunting.
When people ask me for tips on how to prepare for their shoot, I don’t insist on a certain make-up artist or hair stylist (although I can recommend excellent ones).  What I suggest is to get adequate (or even extra) sleep; to exercise; to drink extra water; and to eat extra fruits and vegetables for at least a week prior to the shoot.  And, just as important as feeling good physically is feeling good emotionally and mentally.
Olga’s book, Increase Your Confidence in One Day, offers tips on self-love, like keeping a list of compliments you receive.  This is such a simple, yet effective way of boosting confidence in a short period of time.  In fact, I have taken to favoriting any complimentary tweets I receive so I can [...]

  • How To Be Selfish

    The launch of my latest book: ‘How to be Selfish… and other uncomfortable advice’

The launch of my latest book: ‘How to be Selfish… and other uncomfortable advice’

Come and join me to celebrate the launch of my latest book:
‘How to be Selfish… and other uncomfortable advice’
I’d like to invite all my lovely friends and clients to join me for a one-off book launch event at the Mayfair Library on Wednesday February 29th (2012) from 5.30pm until 7pm.

Please arrive at 5.15pm:
First Floor, Mayfair Library
25 South Audley Street London W1K 2PB

The event will give you a chance to hear all about the theory behind the book, ask questions and debate the issue of whether selfishness can be a positive as well as a negative attribute. Of course it’s also a chance to meet with me face-to-face and have a chat.

I’ve already had some great feedback from people who have read ‘How to be Selfish…. and other uncomfortable advice’, and the book has featured in both The Sunday Times and Grazia Magazine. It explores the idea of selfishness in our modern world and asks some challenging questions about our place in society, gender roles, relationships and money.

Come along and hear for yourself why I believe we need to change our attitude to selfishness, and learn to embrace a new, liberating way of life.

And just in case you haven’t already got your copy of ‘How to be Selfish… and other uncomfortable advice’ you can buy it here or on Amazon.com (simply click the Amazon.com link)

If only I knew! (Inception…)

If only I knew!

I promise, I would NEVER have written this book….
…if I knew how difficult it was going to be.
The book itself was ready well before September and it is currently undergoing some final editing and a few cover design adjustments.
While the first book was written solely by me (with a few reviews to make my somewhat extravagant English a little more readable!), for this second book, I have decided to work with an editor. The person I’ve worked with is the main editor at one of the UK’s oldest and most successful publishing houses – a rare thing nowadays, considering the competition from Amazon and the like. Sadly, I can’t reveal her name, as I was planning on cashing in on her fantastic industry status!

After a lengthy discussion, the editor has offered me a distribution plan starting with self-publishing for the UK and US markets. Her main reason for choosing this path was my massive following and ‘celebrity coach’ status.

After receiving the following message:
“About the self-publishing vs trad publishing, definitely a puzzle in these changing times… but I do think you have the skills to pull off self publishing well! But, always worth going to some book networking dos and chatting to people, you never know where it may lead.

I was just thinking that your ideas could work really nicely in interactive form… something to think about for the future.

Anyway, great to be on board, speak soon!”

…I went ahead. After all, my first book was a great success and helped me to attract a new following. People really benefited from the book and I had quite few enquiries, some of which turned into one-to-one clients. So [...]

Be Nicer to people



It was only a week or so ago that I had a meeting with my editor to discuss my last book. By choosing a table outside one of the cafes in Islington’s infamous Camden Passage, she made sure I was absolutely freezing in my flimsy jacket. I’ll never forget the waiter taking pity on me and offering to make me another coffee in case the first one wasn’t hot enough. Despite the freezing chill in the air, it was a beautiful bright winter day. I was admiring the clear sky when my editor turned and said to me,

“… can you be nicer to people?”

I thought that perhaps after I had suffered in the cold, my editor might forgive me for the somewhat ruthless tone I’ve taken in my book. But she didn’t. And in the end I had to fight hard to keep my vision for the book intact.

We eventually agreed that I would write some additional material, to soften the tone a little, which would be printed before the main text of the book.

The subject was religion, and I appreciate this can be a sensitive, or even painful subject for many.  Now, thinking back, I smile – realizing that this simple negotiation led me to writing some additional material, which drew a very painful, personal experience from a very private corner of my psyche. It is an experience I am proud to share with you through my book.