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Keeping Your Kids Entertained

There is little secret to entertaining kids – they just love playing games as much as adults do. Kids’ love to play games of their own but can get bored quickly if they don’t think they are still adults. You can find games for every age and ability, interesting games donated free on the internet and games you can buy in local toy stores.

You need to consider your child’s skill level when choosing games for them. I noticed that my children get bored easily especially when they are not fully engaged in the game. This is not as true for later in their life as they will want to travel to new places and will need new experiences that can keep them entertained.

Always remember that it is always better to have more games! If you have too few games, they will be disinterested and you will start to get frustrated. My older children (35 and younger) love playing games of their choice – whether it is a game I myself allow them to play or others that I pick for them.

No matter the age, majority of our games consist of children moving some object from one to another without using their hands. Motor skills are not their strong suit unless they can handle the controls of a few objects.

Our neighbor is a copy and over the last three years she always plays the ” Shape Sorting Game” (or similar wordgen contest), which requires the individual to pick up eight blocks from two piles. For each block the child gets one point.

“Musical Chairs” has the same requirements as the “Shape Sorting Game”. We use it for a variety of purposes – to kill boring time while waiting for something that takes too long to get on the tray, to entertain with jump rope, to play with one or more children instead of just the one.

“Guess Who” or “Pick the Favorite”. All participants get a point each time they pick up a card that matches their own favorite character (Example: if the child picked a Dora the Explorer card they must pick an Indian/Native/person of that tribe).

During the game, each child hides the birthday gift and the others give clues to where the gift is hidden. Note, if you put the gift at the start, it only has value if one child finds it, so they will have to look around for clues. Down below are some other popular children’s party games to try.

“Hide and Seek” is generally recommended for children under 10 especially when they are playing with other children.

“Post Mama” themed like the classic ” amended Post increased Rules” game, requires the children to pick a shady spot and the first one to spot the “post way” will win a point.

“Blind fold” has the children standing in a circle and touches each other’s hands to indicate where they are located. Their hands are then withdrawn by the hand that touched the closest other player. Each player then points to their own face in the circle with the closest being their prize.

“Musical Chairs” has the children doing jumping jacks (maybe football) before each round begins. Also for the game “Fireman” have the children who are Firemen that are seated in a circle in the middle of the room that advance with each round.

“High Jump” is a variation to the old game of jumping over a box and the children have their hands held high and jump over a detachable bar. The Bar height is determined by each child at the start of a round.

“Tic-Tac-Toe” is one of the most well-known games next to “Hide and Seek”. There are various ways to play the “Tic-Tac-Toe” variation: You may divide into teams but the same game rules apply to each team. The groups may change but the object is to get a line of three (3) touches on the ball in front of themselves. If a group clocks out too much on their own, they can get a new line in front of their group but they must touch the ball again at the beginning of each round. The groups can bumper or they may run or they may walk on the line to keep them going.

The biggest tip we have is to cater to what your kids and their friends actually enjoy doing. There is no harm in trying to get them to play new games, but if they simply aren’t feeling it, move on to something else that will actually put a smile on their faces!