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The True Importance Of Christmas

If you have kids like I do, then you almost certainly know just how much they absolutely love Christmas, for a whole multitude of different reasons. Beautiful decorations come up and there is always great food for them to enjoy. But what I would argue they love most of all about Christmas are all of the gifts that are given to them, by family and friends alike. Heck, even full-grown adults enjoy Christmas specifically because of all the gifts that they can receive. This Christmas fever starts as soon as Thanksgiving ends, and it makes up over an entire month of people hoping for and praying for amazing gifts when the 25th of December finally rolls around.

But Christmas is so much more than gifts and what you can receive from people. The gifts themselves are obviously nice, I won’t deny that. But it is the people who actually give them to you that makes not just the gift special, but the entire holiday season special as well. You see, Christmas is first and foremost about family.

Even if you are living with your immediate family all year round, in many cases people do not get to connect on a regular basis, most commonly because people are busy doing their own things in life. But when Christmas time rolls around, your family members are more attuned to each other and what is going on in your individual lives. You are much more likely to actually sit down with them and just ask them how they are doing, or to tell them the honest truth that you love them and love being able to spend time with them. And that change in attitude is purely because of the holiday season.

And outside of your immediate family, that effect is only compounded and made even more noticeable. When your long-distance relatives arrive from out of town, or if you arrive to their place, you are able to connect with family members with whom you’ve barely had any contact with throughout the entire year. You give each and every one of them a big hug and spend hours upon hours catching up with them, asking them about everything going on in their lives. And even after that first contact, the rest of the holiday season is just full of these intimate moments where you can truly enjoy the valuable time with them while you are all together under one roof.

Once you understand the importance of family when it comes to Christmas, then the concept of gift-giving becomes a whole lot clearer. The gifts that you give and receive between one and other are worth so much more than their monetary value. They are symbols of how much you mean to each other, and how much you are willing to show them that love. I know plenty of acquaintances in my life whom do not bother giving gifts to their friends and family. These sorts of people may feel like they are not doing anything wrong, but the reality is that they are showing outright how little they actually care about their friends and family, to not even both giving them gifts of any kind. Even though people will often argue that spending too much on gifts is not the fiscally smart thing to do, the reality is that such a mindset is a copout and shows that they really don’t care about their friends and family as much as they should.

Although Christmas is a holiday that has many different components to it, there is no denying that one’s family is at the heart and center of it. Without the family component intertwined with every Christmas-related activity, it all is truly meaningless when you look at the bigger picture. So for the next Christmas that rolls around, do not forget what Christmas is really about, viewing the holiday season as more than just gifts, but as invaluable time with your family.